Fortnite and Destiny 2 collaboration leaked ahead of showcase reveal

A new look for your Guardian.

Image via Shiina

A credible leak reveals that Fortnite and Destiny 2 will be collaborating soon, with a possible announcement planned for the Destiny 2 showcase on August 23.

Shared online by Shiina on Twitter, and datamined by Ginsor, an image of three Fortnite skins coming to Destiny 2 have been uncovered. These three skins include one for each of the three primary classes of Destiny 2: a Titan, Warlock, and Hunter. These skins appear to be the Black Knight, Catalyst, and Omega Fortnite skins. Nothing about how players would access or earn these skins was revealed.

Destiny 2 has only dabbled in crossover content so far, with the most notable example being the Halo inspired content introduced for the studio’s 30th anniversary, but there have been rumblings about this collaboration for some time. The skins shown in the leaked image do at least seem thematically appropriate for Destiny’s established art style.

Fortnite, obviously, is the king of crossovers, and is currently riding high on their massive Dragon Ball Super collaboration. It will no doubt be getting its own Destiny 2 content as well, however what that is remains unclear. This is also coming off of teases that The Lord of the Rings could be an upcoming collaboration with the Battle Royale, however this leak does suggest Destiny 2 would come before the massive fantasy series.

Destiny 2 is is gearing up for its upcoming showcase to reveal season 18 and the Lightfall expansion. Recent leaks have also come out detailing the name, raid, activities, and more about the new content. Hopefully between these two leaks there is still some surprises left in store for Destiny fans come the showcase date.