Fortnite could be getting no-combat mode, new map

Is new social playground coming to the battle royale?


Fortnite’s 12.50 update is available for download today, so dataminers are already picking it apart, finding all manner of interesting things.

ShiinaBR has discovered something very exciting, as it appears that a new map is on the way to the game. This won’t be replacing the battle royale map but instead would appear to house a new mode with no combat or building.

ShiinaBR – Fortnite Leaks on Twitter

Leaked “Papaya” Map! (via @VastBlastt & @FNBRHQ)

The new island will supposedly host multiple minigames as well as special phonebooths that will allow you to change your skins in the middle of the game. The new mode could be called Party Royale, and while hopes were high that it would go live in the game after today’s update, there has been no sign of it in the game just yet.

According to a description pulled from the game files, you will be able to “leave your weapons and mats behind and hang out with friends,” so it seems that the aim of the new island, and the new mode, is to provide a nice place to relax for you and your buds. If you look closely at the map in the tweet, you will notice that one of the symbols appears to be of a Quadcrusher, which could make for a very fun minigame.

When the mode will actually go live in the game is anybody’s guess, but it could very well show up before the end of the season on June 4. In other Fortnite news, posters have begun to appear in the game that are teasing Season 3 and appear to tell us to expect rain.