Fortnite Players Receive Official Update About Missing Gold Bars

This has been an ongoing problem throughout the day for Fortnite players when they want to use Gold Bars.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite players spend most of the season grinding out various currencies they can use against other players, using these vital resources during matches to give them a distinct advantage. One of the more crucial resources is Gold Bars, and these typically reset at the start of any new season.

Lately, players have noticed that when they enter a Fortnite match, they have none of the Gold Bars they’ve gathered up over the past few weeks. Thankfully, the Epic Team has formally addressed this problem and is searching for a specific solution for everyone that this is affecting.

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Epic Games Address Ongoing Fortnite Bug Where Players Are Missing Gold Bars

The problem was noted by the Fortnite Status Twitter page, posting, “We’re aware that some players may see that they have zero Gold Bars after jumping into a match. We’ll let you know when this issue is resolved.” This tweet went out earlier this morning, and while it has yet to be addressed, the Fortnite Community can rest at ease knowing this is likely a minor bug and their progress can be reinstated shortly.

Some players who have been hit with this problem have shared this in the comments of their tweets. Others have offered a temporary solution, such as one player closing out of their current match, closing out of the application before resetting it, jumping into a private match, and seeing their Gold Bars return. It’s not a perfect solution, but it might work for a few players who are dealing with this issue.

For players who are following this issue, we recommend following the Fortnite Status Twitter page. The team there is highly reliable in following up on their tweets when they have resolved a problem, regardless of whether it takes a few hours or the solution occurs in several days.