How to unlock the Eren Jaeger skin in Fortnite

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Epic Games knew what it was doing by putting Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan front and center in the first promotional image for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. This character is beloved by many, and now you have a chance to unlock the Eren Jaeger skin to immortalize him in your profile. This guide explains how to complete all the required quests and unlock the Eren Jaeger skin, so you don’t need to wait for a second longer than necessary before playing as your favorite anime star.

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How to complete all Eren Jaeger quests in Fortnite

There are eight quests in total that you must complete before you can unlock the Eren Jaeger skin in Fortnite. Below, we’ve listed each and explained how to complete them as quickly as possible.

How to visit Guard Towers

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To visit Guard Towers in Fortnite, you must visit five of the seven Guard Towers that have been added to the map in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. We found that the best way to do this is to track the quest from the menu and then follow the icons on the map. There’s a cluster of four Guard Towers on the upper left-hand side of the map that will help you smash this quest out in one match.

How to search Scout Regiment Footlockers

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To search Scout Regiment Footlockers, you must find and open them as you would Chests in Fortnite. Scout Regiment Footlockers appear inside buildings at named locations all across the map. They’re larger than Chests and have the iconic Scout Regiment symbol from Attack on Titan on top. When you open them, you’ll have a chance to find two of the crossover items from the anime series.

How to damage opponents while airborne

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You need to find some ODM Gear to damage opponents while airborne in Fortnite. You can pick these up from Scout Regiment Footlockers around the map. Once equipped, aim and attack opponents with it. This will cause your character to lock on, zip close to the target, and attack them. All damage from ODM Gear counts toward this quest, making it the best weapon to equip to complete it.

How to destroy structures with a Thunder Spear

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To destroy structures with Thunder Spears, you need to find Thunder Spears and then fire them at any houses or other structures you can find on the map in Fortnite. We suggest entering a building and firing at a corner. This will cause maximum damage and progress the quest as fast as possible.

Where to find Thunder Spears

You can find Thunder Spears in Scout Regiment Footlockers. You only have a chance of finding a few Thunder Spears in each one, so search as many as you can if you’re trying to complete a quest or arm yourself for a fight.

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How to find Jaeger’s Family Basement in Anvil Square

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To find Jaeger’s Family Basement in Anvil Square, it’s best to drop from the Battle Bus directly onto Anvil Square. Of course, make sure you thank the Bus Driver first. See the map reference above for the exact location of Jaeger’s Family Basement in Anvil Square.

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We found that it’s easiest to approach Anvil Square from the east, crossing the bridge. Then, look to your left once you’ve entered the location, and you’ll see a building with a lean-to roof at the end. The basement you seek is inside that building.

How to swing from three different trees in a row using ODM Gear

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To swing from three different trees in a row using ODM Gear, get yourself some ODM Gear. Once you’ve got it equipped, you need to find a group of trees that are pretty close together. Aim the ODM Gear at the nearest tree and attack. This will see you launch at the tree, swipe, and leap. As soon as the first attack is over, aim at a different tree and attack again. Do this three times in a row, and you’ll complete this quest because you’ll have swung between the group of trees using Attack on Titan‘s most recognizable accessory.

Where to find ODM Gear

You can find ODM Gear in Fortnite by searching Scout Regiment Footlockers. These are dotted around the map and give you a chance to find either Thunder Spears or ODM Gear. Search each one you encounter, and you’ll soon find the item you’re after.

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How to hit opponents with ODM Gear or Thunder Spears

To hit opponents with ODM Gear or Thunder Spears, search Scout Regiment Footlockers for both weapons and turn them on your enemies. There’s no real trick to completing this quest, but we did find it easier to use ODM Gear to hit opponents because Thunder Spears have a timed delay.

How to hit the nape of different Titan Targets with ODM Gear attacks

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This quest shows you where all the different Titan Targets on the map are located. Track the quest so you can easily move between them. Then, when you land in a match, search as many Scout Regiment Footlockers as you need until you find ODM Gear. With this weapon, you can aim at the bags on the necks of each Titan Target and attack them. This will destroy the Titan Target and progress the quest. Do it four times, and you’ll complete it.