Fortnite’s Rustlord is now a hero in Battle Breakers


Epic Games is launching a new crossover with, well, Epic Games, as it turns the Fortnite skin Rustlord into a character in Battle Breakers. Rustlord joins a large cast of heroes already in Battle Breakers, including a few fellow Fortnite characters.

According to Epic Games, Rustlord is available now in the Battle Breakers hero store. Just after Battle Breakers launched, Epic added a few characters from Fortnite’s Save the World mode (Jess, Kyle, and Ramirez, for the familiar), and unlocked a Battle Breakers character named Razor in Save the World. Late last year, Epic added a second Battle Breakers skin, Kurohomura, to Save the World.

Battle Breakers officially launched in November, about 2 years after it began testing in some territories, starting with the Philippines. Epic describes it as a “cartoon-inspired, Hero Collector RPG built as a passion project.”

The core of the game is recruiting new heroes and assembling them into the perfect team to fight their way through the game’s tactical dungeon battles and take down huge bosses. While it’s obviously nowhere near as popular as Fortnite, the game does have a dedicated following and gets regularly updated with new characters and in-game events.

Battle Breakers Rustlord

Rustlord may not be the most exciting Fortnite skin to add to Battle Breakers, but it’s one with a long history among the Fortnite community. First launched in Season 3, the Rustlord skin — unofficially based of Star-Lord from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy — was a relatively low-tier reward on the game’s battle pass.

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The ease of acquiring Rustlord, along with its generally junky look, immediately turned Rustlord into a joke. Rustlord became so much of an insult, in fact, that at least one kid got in trouble at school for calling another student a “Rust Lord.”