Frustrated God of War Ragnarok players want companions to stop backseat gaming

Don’t tell me what to do, boy.

Image via PlayStation

God of War Ragnarok has become one of the most widely lauded games in recent memory due to its immersive story and easy-to-grasp gameplay. Both casual fans and critics alike have been universally praising it for almost all of its aspects since its release in early November. However, one particular in-game mechanic has become a slight annoyance to those playing through Santa Monica Studio’s latest Norse installment.

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“Backseat gaming” is the term that has often been thrown around to describe the phenomenon that’s been occurring frequently throughout God of War Ragnarok. If you aren’t familiar with the aforementioned phrase, what it essentially means is a spectator that does nothing but comment on every move that the player makes. Aside from the one making comments, it becomes an incredibly taxing experience for everyone involved.

One example of this occurrence within God of War Ragnarok was exhibited through a clip from Twitch content creator Elajjaz’s recent streams. The short video shows Elajjaz navigating a puzzle which includes using the Leviathan Axe to spin a large contraption around. A few seconds pass by and a non-player character within the game suddenly starts giving him unsolicited advice while he is solving it.

Elajjaz then goes on to remark if he could at least “experiment a bit” before any hint is given. Unfortunately, the game isn’t one to take advice as it once again gives out an immediate clue even after the puzzle had already been solved.

Other instances of the game providing unnecessary guidance have also been shared constantly through social media. At the time of writing, Sony and Santa Monica Studio are yet to officially comment on the collective complaints being issued by the masses. Hopefully, though, this prevalent problem being experienced by a significant amount of players will soon be addressed in an upcoming patch.