Genshin Impact 3.0 teaser officially reveals Sumeru characters, mushroom creatures, and mercenaries

We still haven’t seen Collei or Dori though.

Image via HoYoVerse

Genshin Impact fans are gearing up for the game’s 3.0 update, which will add a fourth region to the game. Sumeru is a land of rain forests, rivers, and deserts, with a dash of inspiration from ancient Egypt. Genshin Impact 3.0 arrives this fall, but developer HoYoVerse has been steadily teasing the new content. The latest teaser gives us a look at the new characters joining the roster and more.

Prelude to Wisdom, as the video is called, features IP scriptwriter Yogurt and monster designer Baiheng explaining the culture and creatures of Sumeru. “Another interesting point is that in Sumeru, most people aren’t capable of dreaming,” Yogurt teases. That story element will surely play into some of 3.0’s new quests. Sumeru is also home to the Shroom-Kin. Baiheng explains that these new enemies are highly evolved mushrooms, some of which even take on the forms of other animals.

Of course, the big draw of this teaser is seeing the new characters. Alhaitham, Cyno, Dehya, Kusanali, Nahida, Nilou, and Tighnari are all part of the video. They were first seen in the 3.0 update leak (and the whitewashing complaints that came with it). The same goes for Collei and Dori, who were not seen in this particular video.

This is the third Sumeru teaser from HoYoVerse. The first revealed Genshin Impact’s new Dendro element, powered by the wisdom of the people of Sumeru. Dendro can also combine with existing elements for new reactions: Bloom when mixed with Hydro and Catalyze when mixed with Electro. The second teaser showed off some of Sumeru’s environments. That was our first look at the lush forests and dry desert, and the latter is home to a new mercenary faction known as the Eremites.

Genshin Impact 3.0 arrives this fall, but there will still be major updates between then and now. In fact, the version 2.8 Yoimiya banner was just revealed.