Genshin Impact Geo and Anemo mains are winning with the new Scaramouche and Arataki Itto banners

The Wanderer is here.

Image via HoYoverse

Dendro characters were dominating the Genshin Impact community for a while, with characters like Collei, Tighnari, and Nahida taking the spotlight. Other standard elements like Electro and Hydro were also dominant, with Cyno and Nilou getting released. However, fans of the himbo Arataki Itto and the sadistic Scaramouche can finally pump their fists in excitement, as they will headline the next Character Event Wish banners for Genshin Impact.

Scaramouche is the next new character in Genshin Impact, a 5-star Anemo character with a sadistic streak. A new story quest will show Scaramouche’s new official name, the Wanderer. Wanderer can float and fly in the air, blast enemies with wind, and step on his enemies with his Elemental Burst. Best of all, he gets to keep his notoriously elastic hat, a comically large circle that looks sharp to the touch. Meanwhile, Arataki Itto is a 5-star Geo character. Infamous for his buffoonery, Arataki Itto will take his claymore and bonk enemies to death endlessly.

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These two 5-star characters will be joined by a 4-star roster of Faruzan, Gorou, and Yanfei. Faruzan is a brand new 4-star Anemo character. Wielding a bow, Faruzan is designed to support her fellow Anemo characters, particularly main DPS characters like Xiao and Wanderer. Meanwhile, Gorou is a 4-star support character designed to empower other Geo characters, and Yanfei is a 4-star Pyro character who can deal plenty of damage herself.

For the Weapon Event Wish banner, you’ll be able to pull a Tulaytullah’s Remembrance, Wanderer’s signature weapon, or the Redhorn Stonethresher, Arataki Itto’s signature weapon. Use these weapons to take your team to victory. Arataki Itto and Wanderer’s Iimited Character Event Wish banner will begin on December 7 and end on December 22. Be sure to stock up on your Primogems before the big day and ensure you get the character you want before the banner ends.