Genshin Impact is the second biggest launch for a mobile game, as it grosses $245 million

It’s the second biggest launch for a mobile game.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact, the free-to-play action-adventure game from Chinese developer miHoYo, has turned to be one of the most successful games in its genre, according to data from SensorTower.

The market intelligence firm reports that the game has earned $245 million in its first month alone. This makes it the second biggest launch for a mobile game ever and the biggest opening month for a mobile RPG in the United States.

As for the biggest launches, Genshin Impact was only beaten by Pokémon Go, which grossed $283 million in its first 30 days.

The Chinese free-to-play has reached $60 million in its first week and has had a constant pace over the subsequent weeks.

“As a testament to its global appeal, we can see by utilizing Sensor Tower Game Taxonomy data that Genshin Impact is the biggest mobile RPG launch in the United States to date, picking up $45 million during its first 30 days in the market,” says SensorTower.

Related to other free-to-play debut months, the game is now second ahead of Fire Emblem Heroes ($13 million) and The Seven Deadly Sins ($10 million).

It’s worth noting that this takes into account only mobile revenues, but the title is now also available on PS4 and PC, so these figures do not provide the full picture of revenues.

Genshin Impact is set to grow bigger over time, with a roadmap established for the next several months and a series of updates that have improved its quality after the original release.

The game is already filled with story missions and quests players can embark on, for a production that properly blends a premium-like quality with the free-to-play business model.