Genshin Impact’s 1.1 update increase resin limit, custom waypoints, and quality of life changes for equipment

Some quality of life changes are on the way.

Genshin Impact

Image via Genshin Impact

For those who feel like the current 120 resin limit is too restricting in Genshin Impact, the developers heard you, and they want you to spend more time exploring the world of Teyvat. The resin limit will increase from 120 to 160, and update 1.1 is nearly here, expected to drop on November 11.

The announcement was provided by the official Genshin Impact Twitter account, where the team also released an official letter sharing details about the update 1.1. There will also be other quality of life changes in the update that feature more detailed information on equipment requirements to make it easier for players to understand what they need to craft upgrades and an item players can use to create custom waypoints.

These will go out alongside a handful of new quests that will arrive for the update. To participate in these quests, players need to reach at least adventure rank 38. There’s plenty of time to still do that before November 11.

These are small additions before the big 1.2 update that should roll out right before Christmas in December. The 1.2 update introduces a brand new area and many new additions to the game to keep players returning to Teyvat and add more characters to their party along the way.