Genshin Impact leak reveals new Lisa and Kamisato Ayaka skins

These two characters may be getting some new cosmetics.

Image via HoYoverse

The beautification of two new characters is on the way, with new skins for the popular characters Lisa and Kamisato Ayaka. That is, according to one leak made on /r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks, which shows off concept art for the upcoming skins. These skins have a fun and classy Victorian theme, with Ayaka and Lisa busy reading and looking scholarly. As with previous skins, these skins are likely also related to an event.

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These skins follow the pattern of new Genshin Impact skins of releasing one 4-star skin alongside one 5-star skin. If the design follows through, Lisa’s skin will be free as an event reward while Ayaka’s skin will require you to purchase it in the store. Ayaka’s skin will most likely go into the shop with a brief sale, before going full price in the future.

Lisa is a 4-star Electro character and is one of the few free-to-play characters in the game. Every player will grab a Lisa for free, meaning that every player will at least have a marginal use for this new skin. Kamisato Ayaka, meanwhile, is a 5-star Cryo character and is a popular and strong meta pick for many players. With her getting a brand new skin, fans of her new look will likely get some great usage out of her and her strong kit.

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It’s important to know, as with any leak, to take any unreleased information with a grain of salt. Confirmation about the new skins will likely go live during the monthly new version preview stream. Check back for the latest news over the new skins coming to Genshin Impact for the characters Lisa and Ayaka.