Genshin Impact Players are Baffled by New Character’s Name, Ga Ming

Western players are confused and amused with how to search the new Genshin Impact character’s name Ga Ming.

Genshin Impact Ga Ming

Image via Gamepur

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The newest update for Genshin Impact, version 4.3, has just been released, but that isn’t what has caught players’ attention. Leaks for update version 4.4 have been released, showing a new character that has Western players baffled and getting the memes ready.

Leaks concerning the content for the 4.4 update have surfaced, along with a new character named Ga Ming. The character will be from Liyue, a Chinese-inspired region in Genshin Impact. The name Ga Ming is Cantonese in origin and is pronounced “Gaa” as in “car” without the “r” and “Ming” as in “running” or “swimming.” His design revolves around a Pyro version of the Lion Dance, giving him a little lion who rides on his shoulder.

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Players are Having a Hard Time Searching “Ga Ming”

Genshin Impact players are excited about the addition of Ga Ming. However, because of the Westernized spelling of the name, players are finding it difficult to search and are realizing that chaos is on the horizon when it’s time for this character’s release. Google does not recognize Ga Ming as a name but instead reads it as “gaming” and provides links to content that has nothing to do with Genshin Impact. Even I had some difficulty when searching for Ga Ming myself.

Players have realized that when the time comes to search for build options for Ga Ming, they are going to be forced to sift through other articles pertaining to gaming PC builds and other generic gaming articles. Reddit user TheSeventhColumn points out the ridiculousness of the searches, “‘ how to build gaming?’, ‘gaming build’, ‘gaming gameplay’ these searches bout to go crazy.”

Reddit user Beelzeybob, who says they are a native Cantonese speaker, says, “I’m feeling like I’m one of the only canto speakers finding it punny and like that it’s memeable.” A few other Cantonese speakers on the Reddit thread have shown similar opinions.

While the name Ga Ming is ironic for a video game character to have, at least in the eyes of English Speakers, many of the fan base are reminding others to be tasteful when it comes to any jokes or memes to prevent things from going too far.

The fans immediately started giving him a nickname, calling him Lion Boy on Twitter based on his association with the Lion Dance. Although I don’t know how effective that name would be when searching for character build tips once Ga Ming is released. It at least shows the fans are excited for his debut.