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Genshin Impact players are worried that Dehya’s underwhelming debut spells disaster for 5-stars

Justice for Dehya.

It’s only been a few days since Genshin Impact’s 3.5 update launched, bringing with it a brand new set of banners for players to gamble their Primogems on. That said, fans are already raging against the implementation of the new playable character Dehya, who debuts alongside returning favorite Cyno. As feared in the run-up to the update’s release, Dehya does indeed seem to be underpowered for a 5-star character, which is causing uproar in the fanbase.

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There’s a decent amount of disappointment over the Dehya situation on the main Genshin subreddit, but it’s r/DehyaMains where the community is really up in arms. Fans are encouraging each other to write to Hoyoverse and complain over what they see as a disappointingly unbalanced and uninteresting playable character, seeking justice for their fiery Eremite waifu. Others are professing their lost faith in Hoyoverse while there are those — presumably those without a particularly strong grasp of the legal system — who are even suggesting that this case of “false advertising” is grounds for suing the company.

There are some seemingly more legitimate concerns floating around, though. A big part of the discussion surrounding Dehya is the fear that this could mean bad news for future 5-star characters, which traditionally have had their skills more in line with the difficulty in acquiring them. In releasing a character like Dehya, who can serve a useful purpose on a team with the proper investment but who is pretty lackluster right out of the box, some fans are worried that more 5-star characters in the future will face the same treatment and be consigned to the Standard Wish banner. Considering much of the fun of Genshin Impact comes from experimenting with different teams and seeing how different characters synergize with each other, having more characters who are difficult to fit into a particular role without significant investment — especially 5-stars, for which most players would need to invest a significant amount of time or money to acquire — is a hard sell.

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