Genshin Impact prices are “adjusting” in numerous regions

You might have to pay more for Primogems soon.

Image via HoYoVerse

Prices are going up in pretty much every aspect of everyone’s lives, and this inflation boom looks like it may soon hit a large portion of Genshin Impact players. In an official post to HoYolab today, HoYoverse’s blog website, it was revealed that “recent adjustments in platform price policies” will cause the price for in-game items to “be adjusted.”

The big elephant in the room: no one knows right now whether or not the prices are going up or even down, potentially. Most people would probably assume we’ll see an increase, but HoYoverse has not confirmed what these price adjustments will be either way.

So far, the regions affected are in Chile, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Sweden, Vietnam, and the “euro area.” (Presumably, this means that some European countries are getting a swift price increase as well.) Other regions do not seem to be affected by this price change at the moment. There is, however, no indication when these price adjustments will even take place.

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The post also mentions that there “may be a delay in the display of prices in the in-game store.” In other words, you will have to pay very close attention, as prices may not be accurately reflected once you purchase some Primogems. HoYoverse has instead suggested players to “refer to the actual price in the transaction.”

Players are understandably confused at the lackluster communication given by HoYoverse here, with news of these price increases only coming from this singular HoYoverse blog post. The post is missing crucial details, such as the specifics of the price change and what date players can expect to have to pay a different amount for in-game purchases.

With all this in mind, you might want to be careful if you are in an affected region and plan on purchasing some Primogems in the near future. We’ll pay close attention to the pricing changes coming to Genshin Impact soon.