GTA Online Leak Hints At Update & DLC Announcements

A Rockstar insider hints at a “typo” the developers made in a post as a accidental announcement for a Summer DLC.

GTA Onlinee Summer DLC

Image via Rockstar Games

According to a possible info leak, GTA Online might have something special in store for players this summer. Popular Rockstar insider TezFunz2 shares tweets every week about GTA’s updates. This week, they dropped a hint that has players thinking Rockstar may announce a DLC for GTA Online alongside the next major update.

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Since the announcement of GTA 6, rumors have spread about nearly anything and everything that could be in the game. Due to that, many have prepared to move on from current iterations of the game, assuming new content for GTA Online is coming to a close. However, TezFunz2 seems pretty confident that a DLC is underway.

Rockstar Insider Teases DLC For GTA Online This Summer

The tweet shared by TezFunz2 lets everyone know that the next big update for GTA, which is separate from the weekly updates, could come on June 13, but it is “subject to change”. In the next line, the insider also references a previous deleted tweet from the developer, stating “plus, Rockstar’s ‘typo’ from two weeks ago.”

This deleted tweet held a “typo” that possibly gave info about new updates. It was hurriedly removed, making it obvious it was something that wasn’t supposed to be announced yet. The accidental tweet led to community speculation that the new update would release on June 13, 2023.

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GTA Online has a history of summer updates, so a release during the timeframe would be right on track. While there continues to be no firm updates from Rockstar regarding upcoming content or confirmed DLC expansions, fans are eager for any kind of new information that could be announced. The possibility of new adventures will offer fans of the series plenty of new ways to enjoy the game and fresh ways to cause mayhem in the world of GTA 5.