Guilty Gear Strive gets new game modes for early access, second open beta confirmed

Nearly all of the game will be available to early access players.

Guilty Gear Strive

Image via Arc System Works

After the successful first open beta for upcoming fighter Guilty Gear Strive led to ArcSystemWorks pushing back the release date to June 11, the studio revealed two exciting announcements. The early access period available to those who purchase the Deluxe and Ultimate editions will include brand new modes, and the second open beta has been officially confirmed.

Early access will open up on June 8 to players who will purchase the Deluxe and Ultimate editions for either PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. According to the official website, the new content will feature all offline and online modes, all story mode chapters, and 15 playable characters, including Anji and I-NO. Compared to before, which would only have had the story mode’s prologue, offline modes, and 13 characters.

Meanwhile, another listed bonus shows that those with early access will also play the second open beta test, just as with the first one. This, of course, confirms that we are getting a second beta.

Image via Arc System Works

There’s also a patch required to play any of this content, which will be ready to download on June 8 as well. However, Steam players will not have access to any of the early bonus content.

If you’re curious about how Guilty Gear Strive checks out based on the first open beta, we have a hands-on preview of it that confirms it is on the right track.