Hades on PlayStation 4 listing appears on Korean rating board

PlayStation owners might be able to jump into this rogue-like soon.

Just last year, Hades had a resurgence in the gaming scene when it dropped onto the Nintendo Switch after only being released on PC in an early access period. The game has since become a must-play for rogue-like fans, and PlayStation owners might be able to finally jump into the action.

Over on ResetEra, user modiz found that Hades has appeared on the official Korean rating board and is listed for the PlayStation 4. Take-Two is listed as the publisher. However, modiz noted that this could be regional, or that Private Division could be handling the physical release of the game.

It would make total sense for Hades to release on the PS4. The game skyrocketed in popularity when it released on the Nintendo Switch last year. With there being over 100 million PlayStation 4s out in the wild and with the PS5 being backward compatible with all PS4 games, Supergiant Games would be missing out on a big opportunity to sell a boatload more copies if it didn’t bring the game over.

If the listing turns out to be correct, PS4 players will be up for a challenge. Hades is an incredibly challenging romp but a very rewarding one as well. If you ever run into trouble, we have the guides to help you along the way.