How to befriend Aphrodite in Hades

Love is in the air.

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Befriending Aphrodite, the fickle goddess of love, in Hades is often easier said than done. Much like any other god on Olympus, gaining her favor requires quite a bit of worshiping and occasional gift giving. However, as you develop your relationship with her further, there will come a time when you’ll need to show a little more effort in order to completely win her over. When that time comes, here’s what you’ll need to do to woo the dangerously intoxicating deity.

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How to increase relationship with Aphrodite in Hades?

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In order to increase your relationship with Aphrodite, you will need to fully develop your bond with all three romanceable characters in the game, namely Meg, Dusa, and Thanatos. Maxing out your relationship with each of them will unlock a unique conversation between Zagreus and the goddess of love whenever you meet afterwards.

After you’ve reached the relationship cap for all three characters, this will then give you access to the dialogue that grants you Aphrodite’s favor. Luckily, earning the favor of Meg, Dusa, and Thanatos is much more straightforward compared to Aphrodite’s.

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To reach Meg’s relationship cap, you’ll simply need to give her six Nectar at first. At some point afterwards, a conversation between Meg and Zagreus will eventually occur in the prince’s bedroom. Once this is over, you’ll be able to start giving her Ambrosia whenever you see her.

To develop your bond with Thanatos, you will also need to give him six Nectar after which you’ll have to get more kills than him once he decides to help you during a run. Doing this will trigger a specific conversation at the House of Hades, which will then enable you to give him Ambrosia afterwards.

Finally, Dusa’s relationship progression requires you to do a bit of renovation after giving her six Nectar. To gain her favor, you will need to accomplish at least 12 Lounge renovations which must include a rug upgrade and the two House Repairs to fix the damage done by Cerberus.