Halo Infinite could be getting a new game mode from Certain Affinity

The rumors keep coming!

Screenshot by Gamepur

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It seems we finally have news regarding a substantial new game mode coming to Halo Infinite, and surprisingly, it isn’t made by developer 343. The game mode in question is codenamed “Tatanka” and is rumored to be in development at Certain Affinity. This rumor was revealed on the Xbox Two Podcast by Windows Central Senior Editor Jez Corden, who has proven to be very well informed about projects at Xbox.

In an article on Windows Central, Corden goes into detail about what the game mode might entail. In the article, he states that according to his sources, the game mode is “designed to be a more newcomer-friendly experience that isn’t as demanding competitively than existing multiplayer modes, Big Team Battle and Arena.” He also talks about how the goal of the mode is to siphon over players from games like Fortnite or Warzone that aren’t traditionally into Halo.

Corden then goes on to claim that Tatanka “will also hook into Halo Infinite’s upcoming Forge mode” and will “feature player-created content as a core part of the experience.” If true, although exciting, Tatanka is quite far off as Forge mode isn’t even planned for release during Halo Infinite’s Season 2.

In addition, it is unclear if this project is being developed by the majority of the Certain Affinity team or if the bulk of the team is working on their rumored “Monster Hunter-style game.” Therefore, the timeline for its release in Halo Infinite is quite uncertain.