Halo Infinite fans are roasting this week’s Ultimate Challenge reward

What a gem.

Image via Xbox

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Halo Infinite has added a variety silly cosmetics since launch, from a Cat Ears helmet to a whole lineup of items featuring Microsoft Clippy. Those might have gotten a chuckle from the fans, but this week’s Ultimate Challenge reward is getting laughs for the wrong reasons.

A ResetEra thread from The_Iceman2288 pulls no punches: it’s titled “Halo Infinite’s reward for completing all 21 challenges this week is so bad it has to be seen to be believed.” The reward itself can be seen below, in a tweet from the official Halo account. The Rakshasa Sapphire Front visor does look rather unimpressive in the picture, with the same dull color across the whole image. As Iceman points out, the reward itself is hard to see in the photo (it’s the visor around the soldier’s eyes), and furthermore, players won’t see the reward for themselves while playing since Halo Infinite is a first-person shooter.

Meanwhile, other ResetEra users are expressing their own dissatisfaction in Iceman’s thread. “Just looking at the picture I legit had no idea what the reward was,” says Launchpad. “It all looks the same level of greyed out.” Bulby suggest an alternative: “I would honestly prefer it if it was just a cool effect that lasts for the week you completed the challenges.” That may change in the future, but for now, the week of July 11 is rewarding players with the visor you see here.

It isn’t the first time Halo Infinite fans have expressed negative opinions about the game. Speedrunners were unhappy with the Season 2 update, which initially patched out some of their most reliable methods for speedrunning the game. Not long after, developer 343 Industries’ head of design left the studio, causing more concern.

One thing that could help quell these concerns is campaign co-op, a feature that’s been absent from the game since launch. Thankfully, 343 is hard at work on this, and signups for the campaign co-op network test are open now.