Halo Infinite PC overview video reveals ultrawide and anti-cheat support

The PC version is “built from the ground up.”

Image via 343 Industries

While the long-anticipated Halo Infinite will be coming to both Xbox consoles and PC soon, it’s the PC version that’s getting some special treatment, with features you won’t get anywhere else.

A new PC overview video from developer 343 Industries highlights these features. The description says that Infinite has been “built … from the ground up” for PC, and that certainly seems to be true. The PC version offers custom keybindings, including multiple bindings for a single action, and the option to set a minimum FPS. If you aren’t adamant about graphical fidelity, you can ensure the game never dips below the set frame rate, which can be a custom number.

343 describes Infinite’s ultrawide monitor support as “horizontal plus,” meaning you’re seeing more than you normally would on the left and right sides of the screen. Many games achieve the ultrawide ratio by trimming the top and bottom of the screen, but that’s not the case here. Heavy DRM also isn’t the case when it comes to Infinite’s anti-cheat system. 343 wants to respect player privacy and ensure you can legitimately play its game without obstacles.

343 says that these PC features even helped the team improve the console versions of the game. It’s the first time a Halo game will release across PC and console on the same day, and as such, there’s plenty of cross-compatibility. Halo Infinite will support cross-play for the Steam, Windows Store, and all Xbox versions of the game. Saves and multiplayer progression are shared between all of those as well. We just got a multiplayer gameplay reveal, so we know what to expect when jumping into those competitive modes.

As for when the game finally arrives, the Halo Infinite release date is December 8 on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. While the PC version has plenty of perks, there are still some goodies for certain players in all versions of the game: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will receive monthly multiplayer bonuses.