Halo Infinite rated M in Australia, release date could come at Gamescom 2021

The rating has recently been updated from PG.

Halo Infinite multiplayer AI

Image via 343 Industries

Halo Infinite has been reviewed once again by the Australian Classification Board. This body decides what rating movies, music, and games require so that consumers are aware of the type of content they’re about to purchase. The new rating pushes the game up from a PG, which it was rated as seven months ago, to an M.

An M rating in Australia is similar to the M rating in the US. It stands for “mature” and indicates that the content in the game isn’t for children. Considering the content in past Halo titles, there are much harsher ratings that the game could have been given. The Australian Classification Board has an M rating for ages 15+, 18+, and adults-only 18+. Halo Infinite should be available for most consumers, given that it hasn’t been hit with an age rating.

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This update suggests that the game is close to release. There would be no reason to update its classification if it was still a long way off. Gamescom 2021 starts on August 24, so we may get a release date for the game during one of Microsoft’s Xbox streams.

Xbox has a big presence at Gamescom 2021, with a stream on August 24 and 25, as well as a special fan event. If Halo Infinite’s release date is revealed, the game could be the star of the show this year.