Hideo Kojima ‘wins an Oscar’ just before The Game Awards

Maybe someday, Kojima.


We know Hideo Kojima has a penchant for movies. There’s been a desire from many fans for him to just make a film himself someday. For now, the Metal Gear and Death Stranding can pretend, and pretend he has.

Kojima shared a brief video on Twitter that showed him fake-winning an Oscar in an augmented reality booth at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. “For some reason, I received the award,” he joked. A real Academy Award could be in Kojima’s future someday, though. He recently made a bold claim about one of his current projects, claiming it could “turn things around” for both video games and movies. Sounds like something worthy of a Scientific and Technical Oscar, if it comes to fruition.

Kojima also recently spent time with another potential Oscar winner. He met with S.S. Rajamouli, who directed Tollywood film RRR, one of the greatest movies of 2022 according to critics and general audiences alike. Rajamouli’s face was actually scanned at Kojima Productions, so we expect to see his likeness in a video game down the road at some point.

Perhaps he’ll appear in Overdose, a purported Hideo Kojima game that’s seen a few different leaks at this point. Leaked screenshots circulated on a private Discord server, showing actress Margaret Qualley wandering around in a blue dress in what appeared to be a horror game. One day later, some gameplay footage leaked from that same project, confirming reports and setting us up for an official announcement in the near future.

That actually ties back into Kojima’s tweet from the Academy Museum. The facility is located in Los Angels, the same city where The Game Awards 2022 will be held in just a few days. It makes total sense that Kojima would be in town for the ceremony, and it seems like the perfect opportunity to officially announce Overdose.