Hitman 3 servers down for extended maintenance for Patch 3.20

The game has been down for longer than anticipated.


Image via Io Interactive

Update: 12:56 PM

Server maintenance seems to be complete, and Hitman 3 should be live for all platforms. However, there are still several players commenting on this Twitter thread telling Io Interactive that they can’t play the game.

Update: 12:14 PM

Maintenance has now been completed for Xbox consoles as well. This leave Stadia as the only platform that still requires some downtime.

Update: 12:05 PM

A new update has been issued claiming that PlayStation users should be able to play Hitman 3 again. However, at the time of writing we’re unable to get the game running on PS5 specifically.

Update: 11:29 AM

It has been confirmed that the Nintendo Switch version of Hitman 3 is now also back up and running.

Update: 10:36 AM

The game is slowly coming back online. Any players who own Hitman 3 on the Epic Game Store can now access it once more. For all other platforms, maintenance is still ongoing.

Original story

Hitman 3’s servers are currently down for maintenance before the release of Patch 3.20 and the Seven Deadly Sins expansion. The maintenance was due to take one hour, but it’s been almost two hours and counting at the time of writing.

Developer IO Interactive has released an update via Twitter confirming that all servers are still down for maintenance. The thread will be updated as soon as servers are live for any platform.

Many fans have reported that they can access the game’s main menu to varying degrees of success. However, all agree that it’s currently impossible to play Hitman 3 due to this maintenance.

In the comments within this thread on Twitter, fans continue to question why maintenance couldn’t have been done to servers prior to today. The developer has explained that only so much preparation can be done before new content is put live on the servers.

Once new content has been pushed to a live server, the development team has to check that everything runs smoothly and all new content has been uploaded as intended. It’s possible, considering that this maintenance period is longer than stated in today’s blog post, that some content isn’t behaving as expected.