Hood: Outlaws & Legends announces new map, community event, changes to assassinations

Steal from the rich, give to each other.

Hood Outlaws Legends mountain map

Image by Sumo Digital

On May 28, developer Sumo Digital announced a big update for its medieval heist sim Hood: Outlaws & Legends. In addition to some details on matchmaking and cross-play, Sumo unveiled a new community event, the release window for a new map, and a gameplay change players have been hotly requesting.

The community event is simply called Grab the Gold, and it’s a challenge to players to steal a combined total of 100,000,000 gold in regular Hood: Outlaws & Legends matches. The event begins today and runs until May 31, and on June 1, Sumo will announce whether the omega-heist was a success. Everyone who plays during the Grab the Gold weekend will contribute to the total score, and the event wording implies that contributing players will be rewarded a fraction of the stolen gold at the end of the event even if the goal is not reached.

The new map — which currently goes by the designation Mountain Map, a name that will certainly change with the official release — is snow-covered and features a long bridge similar to the one found on Citadel. No further details are available at this point, but it shouldn’t be long until players can try the map out for themselves: the expected release window is mid-June.

Hood Outlaws Grab the Gold community event
Image by Sumo Digital

The final announcement of the update concerns assassinations, which have been a polarizing topic for the Hood: Outlaws & Legends community as of late. Many players have expressed the opinion that the mechanic doesn’t seem to have much counter-play, and that getting assassinated in the middle of a brawl can be frustrating. The developers are responding to this criticism by making assassinations interruptible, provided that the person performing the assassination takes enough damage. This amplifies the importance of teamwork in Hood: Outlaws & Legends, as it makes it possible for any player to rescue their teammate from an untimely death by interrupting their would-be executioner.

The assassination change will arrive in Hood: Outlaws & Legends with Update 1.4, which is scheduled for the start of June.