Hood: Outlaws & Legends Update 1.4 brings matchmaking improvements and assassination changes next week

Matchmaking will be faster and assassinations fairer.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Update 1.4 arrives on all platforms next week. The update brings several key changes with it and prepares the game for the upcoming content that’s dropping throughout June, including a new map and game mode.

The first big change with Update 1.4 is to matchmaking. This has been streamlined to bring the time it takes to get into a match down. Part of the issue seemed to be caused by player level, which increases with every match. This level will no longer be displayed in the game because some players found it too daunting when facing high-level players, when in fact, matchmaking is based on skill, not level.

The next change that players will see in this update is with assassinations. Currently, you can crouch behind an enemy player and assassinate them without fear of being stopped. Update 1.4 introduces a balance change that allows other players to injure you and kick you out of the assassination animation, saving their teammates.

The game’s first new map, Mountain, is set to launch in the next few weeks, though no firm date has been given yet. In addition, a new PvE game mode will be added towards the end of the month. This mode is a much more hardcore PvE mode than Training Mode, allowing State enemies to kill you in a single shot if you’re spotted. The new mode will also have a mechanic called Talismans, which requires players to pick up a Talisman from the spot a teammate died in and take it to a respawn point before they can rejoin the game.

The full patch notes for Update 1.4 aren’t available yet, but the latest developer log video does give you an idea of the nuances being worked on in the background for Update 1.5, which will arrive later this month.