Horizon Forbidden West introduces the Stormbird, Shellsnapper, and more machine enemies

More robot dinosaurs await.

Image via PlayStation

Horizon Forbidden West has a big lineup of mechanical monsters for Aloy to take down. While some like the scrappy little Watchers and crocodile-like Snapmaw are returning for the sequel, there are many new threats to face in the west.

A new PlayStation Blog post from Guerilla Games goes into more detail about these fearsome foes. This includes the Stormbird, described as “an eagle combined with a fighter jet” that can surge with electricity and divebomb into the ground. Then there’s the Shellsnapper, which is something like a massive land tortoise that can camouflage itself. “It’s large and has several abilities that will excite players,” says the post.

We also got new details about the Sunwing, a large flying enemy that’s “slightly bigger than the Glinthawk” from Zero Dawn. They collect solar power in their wings on sunny days, and they’re more vulnerable while circling in the air and collecting energy.

This trio of robots joins the ranks of the Tremortusk and Clawstrider. The former is a massive elephant enemy with a flame-throwing trunk, while the latter is a bipedal dinosaur that Aloy can mount and ride around the map when overridden. Overriding enemies will also let you send them into more aggressive or defensive states in Forbidden West. That’s one of Aloy’s new powers in the sequel.

As for when we can see all these mechanical monsters in action, Horizon Forbidden West’s release date is February 18, 2022. What’s more, there may be more Horizon games coming from other developers in the future.