In the oddest crossover of all time, ordering KFC grants you early access to Diablo 4

Sit awhile and listen to the sound of your stomach.

Image via Diablo YouTube

Diablo IV is one of this year’s most anticipated games. For those who can’t wait to explore Sanctuary and battle the hordes of Lilith, you can join the fun early but there’s a price you’ll have to pay. It isn’t your soul nor a blood ritual to Baal, the Lord of Destruction, but instead a sacrifice to the ruler of fried chicken, Colonel Sanders himself.

That’s right, one way to gain early access to Diablo IV, is to place an order at KFC. In what may be the strangest team-ups of the year, if not all-time, is Diablo IV partnering with the fried chicken fast food chain. For adventurers brave enough to take up the challenge, all you have to do is ask for any qualifying KFC sandwich or you can instead go for the Double Down sandwich. You know, the totally normal sandwich that replaces bread with two chicken patties to hold all the fixings in place. Afterward, you too may spend some time as you sit awhile and listen.

The promotion is only running for a limited time, however. To ensure you get your code for Diablo IV, you have until March 18 to visit a KFC near you. You can also get into the Early Access Beta if you pre-order the game. For those that take up the call, the Early Access Open Beta beings on March 17 and can be accessed through the 19. Taking part in the beta will also reward players with specific items that carry over to the full game.

This isn’t the first time KFC or a fast food restaurant has partnered to promote a video game. The fast-food chain collaborated with Genshin Impact in 2021 and granted players unique gliders for characters. Whereas Wendy’s even created a rather interesting tabletop roleplaying game called Feast of Legends a few years earlier.