Leaked Fortnite trailer reveals that Spider-Man skin will be part of Chapter 3

I want pictures of Spider-Man!

Image via Epic Games

A leaked Fortnite trailer has revealed all manner of details about the upcoming Chapter 3. The next stage in the game, which begins next week, will feature an island that has been flipped over, will apparently introduce a new Spider-Man skin as part of the Battle Pass.

The skin appears to come in three styles, the traditional blue and red Spider-Man, the black Symbiote suit, and what seems to be the white Future Foundation costume. This could mean something important, as the Foundation, leader of The Seven, is expected to return next season, or it could just be a happy coincidence.

The trailer also revealed a bunch of other details about the game, such as the addition of a slide mechanic, the ability to swing through the air like Spider-Man, tents that players can set up and use to heal and even store weapons between matches, and some form of a new crown mechanic that appears to track how many games you win in a row.

The trailer also gives us our first proper look at the new island, which appears to be pretty reminiscent of the Chapter 1 island designed, with more pronounced biomes between a lush green, desert, and snowy area. The trailer also hints at crossover events with Gears of War, and it seems the Foundation skin will also be a part of the season Battle Pass.

Chapter 3 will start after The End event, which will take place on December 5. Once the event is over, the game will go into some downtime before coming back online for the new season.