Metroid Dread developer MercurySteam responds to criticism of devs missing from credits

A huge problem in the industry continues.

Image via Nintendo

Metroid Dread developer MercurySteam has been recently criticized for not crediting all developers who worked on the game. The complaints were first reported on by the Spanish website Vandal, bringing to light posts from multiple developers who worked on the game.

Senior 3D artist Roberto Mejías asked MercurySteam on his LinkedIn account why he wasn’t included in the game’s credits, despite recognizing his work in it. Mejías wrote, “I’m not surprised of the quality of [Metroid Dread], since the amount of talent on that team was through the roof. I know this first hand because, despite not being included on the game’s credits, I was part of that team for eight months.”

Mejías wasn’t the only person who found that they weren’t included in the game’s credits. 3D Cinematic Animator Tania Peñaranda Hernández also said on LinkedIn, “it also saddens me to see that I am not reflected in the credits for this work that I did. It has been hard for me to see that they have considered that it should be like this when I keep seeing a lot of animations that I made in every gameplay.”

In Vandal’s original report, a third anonymous developer was also said to have not been credited for their work on the game despite working on it for 11 months.

MercurySteam provided a statement to Gamespot explaining that developers need to have stayed with the studio for at least 25% of the project’s total development time. You can read the complete statement here:

“We accredit all those who certify a minimum participation in a particular project–usually the vast majority of devs. We set the minimum at 25% of development time. We also credit those who, even though they have not been in the project for too long, have had significant creative and/or technical contributions. A game development is a complex, hard and exhausting endeavor. We understand any of us needs to contribute at a minimum to it, to be accredited in the final product. Thanks for your interest.”