Metroid Prime Remaster disappoints developers by failing to include full original game credits

Credit where credit is due.

Image via Nintendo

The Metroid Prime Remastered reveal set the internet ablaze this week. Not only was the title shown for the first time, but it was also released on the same day. This gem of a game has a mountain of fans just dying to replay it on the Switch with improved graphics, but someone is not as excited as the rest of them. Former Retro Studios developer, Zoid Kirsch, was left disappointed that the end credits for the Metroid Prime remaster did not feature the full original game credits.

Kirsch took to Twitter to announce his displeasure, stating that he worked with so many amazing people on the game, and everyone should be given credit for their hard work on the original.

The credits do mention the original team, but only as a single card and not as individual developers. While this may have been done to save time and space, the credits are a place to acknowledge the work of developers, and the remastered version would not exist without the efforts of the original crew.

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Other developers have chimed in to voice their agreement with Kirsch. While some specific work had likely been completely replaced, there are a lot of aspects of game development that do not change with a remaster, including art, concepts, and game design. These people deserve more than a mere mention as a lumped-together identity, regardless of if their original work has been changed or they have moved on from the industry.

The Metroid Prime Remaster has already met great success. Fans are enjoying it, though Kirsch also pointed out that there is a texture error for the game’s iconic doors. It remains to be seen whether the other two games in the trilogy will get the same treatment.