Minecraft is embracing the Valentine’s Day pink with the incoming Cherry Blossom biome

Minecraft is looking pretty in pink.

Image via Mojang

As part of the Valentine’s Day festivities taking place today, Mojang has revealed a new Minecraft biome that fits the theme of the holiday and will debut in the 1.20 Update coming later this year. The Cherry Blossom biome will be a new kind of forest area that features pink versions of items you already know and love.

The most noticeable aspect of this new biome is obviously the Cherry Blossom trees. These will provide you with Cherry Wood, which will be the seventh different kind of wood you can find in the game following the update. It appears you will be able to make all of the same kinds of items that you usually can with this wood, but it will just be pink, probably answering the dreams of a significant part of the Minecraft community.

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Alongside the Cherry Trees, there were some slight nods to other items coming, with Canopies and Pink Flower Carpet Blocks being available in the Cherry Blossom biome, although we cannot see either in the images provided. While the full release of the 1.20 update in Minecraft is unknown, the Cherry Blossom biome, along with the new Sniffer mob, will be available for testing in a Minecraft Snapshot and Beta/Preview build that will hit the game soon.

So far, the content included in the Minecraft 1.20 update seems to be a hit with fans. They get their pretty pink nature here, can start excavating deserts for fossils with the new archeology items, and will be able to detail and customize your armor with new trims. The update doesn’t seem to have a singular focus, but there are a lot of diverse areas being covered here with things people are looking forward to.