MLB The Show 22 gameplay trailer reveals “The Big Unit” Randy Johnson is finally in the game

The Big Unit vs The Big Piece.

Image via Sony San Diego YouTube

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Sony has released the first gameplay trailer for baseball sim MLB The Show 22. Using gameplay footage from the current-gen versions of the game, Sony San Diego’s latest features the trademark detailed visuals we’ve come to expect from Sony’s now-multiplatform baseball sim.

The new gameplay trailer acts as a visual showcase for the current-gen versions of the impressive-looking baseball sim. As you’d expect, there isn’t any reveal of new gameplay systems here. We’re simply being given a look at how the game looks and runs on the new PlayStation and Xbox (on which it will be a day one Game Pass release). You can judge for yourselves how the visuals stack up below:

The trailer also reveals that “The Big Unit” and Hall of Fame pitcher Randy Johnson has been added as a Legend. Finally. What’s more, “The Big Piece” power hitter Ryan Howard is joining Randy Johnson as a Legend in the Madden/FIFA Ultimate Team-esque online Diamond Dynasties mode.

MLB The Show 22 is set to release on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on April 5. It’s yet to be seen how the Switch port Sony’s baseball sim will stack up compared to the rest, we do know that it will feature cross-platform play and saves across every platform.