Monster Hunter Rise “Mega Man collab” announced, adds Rush

That’s a good boy, Rush!

Palamute Skin For Rush in the Monster Hunter Rise x Mega Man 11 Collab

Image via Capcom

The fourth collab between Monster Hunter Rise and Capcom is underway — and it’s all about Mega Man! The next update will come on September 24 and will allow players to use Rush from Mega Man 11 in-game, as seen in the latest trailer.

“A new Event Quest to unlock layered armor to make your Palamute look like Rush from Mega Man 11 arrives on September 24! Try out this new collaboration Event Quest with the 2D side-scrolling action game series beloved by fans of all ages!”, the brief from the game’s website reads.

The new skin will give Palamute all of Rush’s signature abilities from the game, including the Rush Jet to fly around at high speed, the Rush Coil to reach high places, and other skills to help on your monster hunting ventures.

This is one of the few collab events Monster Hunter Rise has had with other games. The latest from Capcom bringing Akuma from the Street Fighter series as a Hunter skin and crossover with the hit multiplayer action game, Ninjala

Since its release, Monster Hunter Rise has seen enormous success, selling over 5 million copies only two weeks after launch on Nintendo Switch. The Steam version is expected to be released sometime in 2022.