The Monster Hunter franchise has pushed past 72 million units

The once niche series reaches huge sales figures.

Image via Capcom

In a recent earnings report by Capcom, the global publishing giant disclosed sales figures for several of its core franchises. In the fiscal year ending March 2021, the Monster Hunter series has sold over 72 million units. Monster Hunter Rise, the latest entry, had sold over 4.8 million units by the same time period.

With 13 entries, it now ranks among Capcom’s best-selling IP, second only to the Resident Evil series. According to the earnings report, Monster Hunter’s franchise sales are double that of the iconic Mega Man series. Stacked up against Street Fighter, which has also had 13 installments, Monster Hunter pulls ahead by around 60% in total unit sales.

This momentum follows the monumental success of Monster Hunter World, which has shipped over 20 million units globally since 2018. Running on a modified version of the MT Framework engine from the PlayStation 3 era, Monster Hunter World was the first title in the series to reach mainstream attention in the over 10 years since its PlayStation 2 debut. This year’s Monster Hunter Rise made the switch to the RE Engine and launched exclusively on the Nintendo Switch to critical acclaim. A PC version is expected to launch January 2022.