Monster Hunter World Is Now The Best Selling Capcom Game, Ever

 Monster Hunter World Is Now The Best Selling Capcom Game, Ever

In recently revealed financial results for the companies 2018/2019 fiscal year, Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter World has shipped over 12 million units across PC, PS4 and Xbox One, making it the companies most successful game of all time.

They also announced that the remake of Resident Evil 2 has shipped over 4 million units, while Devil May Cry 5 has shipped over 2 million units. All this has combined with other product sales to give Capcom a 13% increase in pre-tax profits over the previous year.

Seemingly feeling secure in their market position, Capcom has stated a desire to improve workplace culture for its employees, no doubt spurred on by recent negative press for other companies about their treatment of employees. They have also stated a desire to continue focusing on the growing esport market, an area which has seen some strong growth over the last number of years.

Another interesting part of the report for us Western players is that the development of the overseas market is currently seen as a very strong goal for Capcom, no doubt spurred on by the huge success of Monster Hunter World in America and Europe.

Being honest, I slept a little bit on Monster Hunter World after bouncing off the beta quite hard, but when I did finally pick up the game and give it a proper shot, I felt a little bit foolish for having waited so long. A follow-up title is all but guaranteed after the success it had, and the money it brought in for Capcom, and I certainly won’t wait so long to jump in next time.

If you wish to read the full financial report, you can find it here.