Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Updated Movesets Revealed in New Videos

Image via Capcom

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will introduce new movesets for the original’s weapons, and we got a look at a few of them today. A series of videos on the Monster Hunter Twitter account showed new moves for the Long Sword and Great Sword, along with the new Clutch Claw tool.

The Clutch Claw is the most exciting addition to your arsenal that’s been revealed so far. First revealed in the Iceborne livestream earlier this month, the Clutch Claw will let you grapple onto monsters from a distance to damage them and extract Slinger ammo. It will also enable some combos for both the Long Sword and Great Sword, which were shown in their respective videos.

Along with the Clutch Claw combo, the Long Sword will get a new move called an Iai slash, which lets you zip toward your target from long range and unleash multiple slashing attacks with a single swing of your sword. The Great Sword will get similar benefits from combining it with the Clutch Claw, and will also get an updated True Charge attack. As we learned in the earlier livestream, you can also use your Slinger with a weapon equipped this time around, which enables some much more fluid uses. In the Great Sword video, we see a hunter stunning the new Banbaro with a Slinger Burst before attacking.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be out September 6 on Xbox One and PS4, with a PC release this winter.