Monster Hunter: World PC and console releases to sync content by April

The PC “master race” finally catches up to consoles.

Image via Capcom

The PC version of Monster Hunter: World will soon be synced with the console versions, getting rid of the delay that PC users have experienced since the game’s release. The news was revealed as part of the roadmap Capcom has planned for the latest release in the iconic franchise, which covers from this week up to April.

Currently, title updates are managed separately between PC and Xbox One/PlayStation 4 versions, mainly because Monster Hunter: World launched on PC around a year after the original console release.

However, the process is going to change very soon, as Capcom has shared that it plans on reaching full sync between each version in April. Title Update 3 for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will be the last to be shipped for PC alone, then all the patches will be coming along PC and consoles as well.

As for the full roadmap, the game is getting a Grand Appreciation Fest from Jan. 24 to Feb. 13, and that, similarly to other live events, will start and end on the same date for both PC and consoles.

Other major milestones on PC will be represented by Title Update 1, coming Feb. 6 with a monster and a new region, and Title Update 2, scheduled for March 12. Title Update is releasing at some point in April for that platform, while PS4 and Xbox One will get it in March.

May and June will be the first months where PC players will get the same content as console users, and in those months Capcom will be delivering the “return of a fan-favorite monster” and “new monsters and updates” which have not been revealed yet.