Monster Hunter: World Review Score From Famitsu – 39/40

Monster Hunter World Beta

Monster Hunter: World is close to launching, the official release date is 26th January 2018. This PS4 exclusive action role-playing game will take you to a hostile universe of monster where surviving is not only the objective. Players require to hunt down big monsters, but to compete with them you will have to work on your upgrade also. The new edition features different zones where players can transfers between them on a huge map.

Monster Hunter World

A team of 4 players can hunt together. You can team up with global players, which is introduced for the first time in the series. We had seen a few gameplay recently where the game looks very promising. Famitsu, a popular video game magazine (Japan), has recently updated ratings of few upcoming games. Monster Hunter: World was also on the list where the magazine rated the game a Review Score of 39/40.

Famitsu calculates the rating score through a panel a four video game reviewers. Each of these reviewers gives a score between 0 to 10 and everything is later combined to pull out the actual rating. The total score of each of 4 reviewers is 40, and Monster Hunter World got 10/10/10/9 = 39. Three of the game reviewers had rated this game 10/10 and one has rated 9/10.

The score is amazing where the game scored a perfect rating. Super Mario Odyssey was another game that got the same rating and we all know it was a huge hit. The ratings prove Monster Hunter World is an outstanding game coming up this month. What do you think, do share your feedback in the comments section below?