NBA 2K21 bringing new WNBA modes to next-gen iterations

Continue the dynasty of the almighty Seattle Storm.

Image via 2K

It won’t just be a copy and paste process for developer Visual Concepts when transitioning NBA 2K21 from current to next-gen. It has been revealed that PS5 and Xbox Series X/S editions will receive added WNBA support, in the form of three new modes – all of which may sound a bit familiar.

In the developer’s weekly Courtside Report, Visual Concepts dropped the curtain on WNBA-centric MyPlayer and Franchise modes and an online 3v3 supplement that will be packaged into the next-gen editions of NBA 2K21. “As soon as we were done with NBA 2K20, we knew right away what our first goal for NBA 2K21 would be,” senior producer Felicia Steenhouse stated in the report.

A franchise mode for the growing women’s league has been a wish of fans for quite some time, and it seems to pull all the stops to ensure it is no different than the NBA’s dedicated mode. In this, players will be allowed the same levels of customization, being able to play multiple seasons and edit draft, game rules, and CBA settings.

Those on next-gen will also see The W, a new WNBA spin on MyPlayer, with a bigger emphasis on wealth and life off the court. Characters created in The W will also carry over to The W Online, where your shooter will match up with two others to go up against another team in hopes of collecting XP and special gear.

Virtual hoopers will soon see everything for themselves when this upgraded version of NBA 2K21 drops on Xbox Series X/S on November 10, and to PS5 on November 12.