New Monster Hunter mobile game announced, will let players hunt mini monsters on their phones

Mobile Hunter, if you will.

Image via Capcom

The Monster Hunter series has always had a good handle on the on-the-go lifestyle. We’ve seen entries on Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and the PlayStation Portable too. Monster Hunter is no stranger to the mobile game market either, and we’re getting a new one of those from Capcom and Tencent subsidiary TiMi.

According to the joint press release, “the in-development game will reproduce the hunting actions that define the Monster Hunter series and offer players a new game experience unique for mobile devices and phones.” It’s meant to appeal to newcomers as well as veterans who’ve conquered recent Rise challenges like Risen Chameleos and Violet Mizutsune.

This is the first time Capcom and TiMi have teamed up, but the goal is to “combine the experience and strengths of both sides” during development. Capcom is the proprietor of the Monster Hunter series of course, alongside other big-name franchises like Resident Evil and Street Fighter. TiMi has created several popular mobile games like Call of Duty: Mobile and Pokémon Unite, so there’s a real pedigree there.

As notable as the names behind the Monster Hunter mobile game are, we know nothing about it at this point. The name and release date are both mysteries right now. Even so, you can expect some concerns about any mobile game from the Monster Hunter community. Gacha mechanics are quite popular on the platform, and with gear and weapons being so integral to the Monster Hunter experience, there is going to be some opposition to putting new stuff behind a slot machine. It’s worth pointing out that such mechanics have not been confirmed yet, and that there are recent mobile titles like Marvel Snap that handle microtransactions very well.

On the topic of gear and weapons, the latest bit of Monster Hunter content added plenty of new options. We can show you how to get the Nightstrix Plus Bowgun in Rise’s Sunbreak expansion.