New Monster Hunter World Iceborne Subspecies Detailed at SDCC

 New Monster Hunter World Iceborne Subspecies Detailed at SDCC

Today at San Diego Comic-Con, the Monster Hunter team revealed some of the new species of monsters that hunters will be squaring off against in Iceborne. They include subspecies of the Anjanath and Odogaron, which appeared in Monster Hunter World, and the Glavenus, which has been in previous Monster Hunter games, but not in World.

Monster Hunter streamer BlessRNG shared photos of the new subspecies, weapons, and armor, along with information from the panel, on Twitter. First up was the Fulgur Anjanath, an electrical variant of the base game’s fiery Anjanath. The Fulgur Anjanath begins the fight using strong physical attacks, like the regular Anjanath but charges electricity during the battle, which adds Thunder element damage to its attacks. When it fully charges up, it switches to Thunder attacks, including “electric snot,” according to BlessRNG.

Odogaron’s new variant will be the Ebony Odagaron, a Dragon-element monster with a weakness to elemental damage. The original Odagaron needed to eat during the fight to power up, but the Ebony Odagaron will start fully charged. Like the normal Odagaron, the Ebony version can inflict bleeding. Unlike the normal version’s more precision attacks, it uses wide, sweeping attacks.

Finally, the team showed up Acidic Glavenus. Like the regular Glavenus, the Acidic version can sharpen its tail to do more damage. When sharpened, the Acidic Glavenus’ tail is based on a katana, and it uses faster attacks than the normal Glavenus. Throughout the fight, the Acidic Glavenus will build up poison on its tail, changing to slower attacks that can debuff and damage the player. This variant will focus more on using its tail than on using breath attacks.

At the end of the panel, the team teased more subspecies coming later, showing a picture of a Pukei-Pukei, Paolumu, and Tobi-Kadachi.