New World has lost around half of its initial playerbase

Maybe the game isn’t the big hit it seemed at launch.

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Image via Amazon Games

While it seemed like Amazon had its first huge gaming hit with New World, it turns out that the game couldn’t hold onto most of its player base a month after launch. When New World was released on September 28, the game had an average player base on Steam of almost one million concurrent players.

The game was quickly lauded as being the first big title created by Amazon and was seen as being a legit competitor towards other MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. The game had a strong first few weeks, but Forbes was able to calculate that the game was losing an average of 135,000 concurrent players every week after its launch.

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At its peak, the game had around 913 thousand concurrent players. After only a month the player base shrunk down to 508,000 players, and in the most recent week, the player base peak at only 377,000.

Though it isn’t uncommon for games to peak at launch and lose players gradually, the big dip in New World’s number is concerning for the game’s future. It’s extra worrying considering that the game is meant to be long-lasting, with profits for the game to accumulate over time with the continued purchases of microtransactions. If the Forbes calculation holds then the game will lose around another 135,000 concurrent players and drop to around 250,000 next week.