Nonsensical Destiny 2 YouTube copyright strikes are reportedly resolving now

They never should have happened, to be fair.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 is a massive game, with an active community that takes developer Bungie up on in-game challenges and speculates about boss mechanics that didn’t make it into the full game. Bungie supports its fans and the Destiny 2 content creators, but some stupid copyright business was getting in the way of that.

Over the weekend, Bungie acknowledged on Twitter that “a series of copyright takedowns” was affecting its community. Even Bungie itself was being struck on its own channels. That’s all the proof you need that these strikes were completely unjustified. Bungie reminded the fans that it supports their creative works around Destiny 2, linked to its guidelines on such content, and said that fans should “stand by future updates.”

We’ve not gotten no such update from Bungie, although its original tweet clearly stated that it wasn’t behind the copyright strikes. However, some of these seem to be resolving now. Reddit user dillis12345 shared a screenshot of at least one video that has been restored after a DMCA takedown notice took it offline. Hopefully the trend continues, because the affected videos shouldn’t have been struck to begin with.

This isn’t the only time that copyright strikes around gaming content have been in the news recently. Unfortunately, others stories aren’t full of support from the developers like this one. More than 2,000 copyright strikes against YouTuber GilvaSunner led to the closure of the popular soundtrack channel.