Photo Mode Now Available in God of War

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God of War: Ascension screen 3

In the newest update for God of War, Santa Monica Studios has finally brought the PlayStation 4’s exclusive Photo Mode.

While some people may not find this mode all that exciting, this is something only PlayStation 4 exclusive games get. The PlayStation 4’s first Photo Mode was introduced to Second Son, and only grew in popularity in The Last of Us and Horizon: Zero Dawn. I personally have probably put more hours in to Photo Mode in Horizon: Zero Dawn than actually playing the game.

How To Use Photo Mode

Photo Mode Now Available in God of War
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The Photo Mode for God of War is no different than in previous PlayStation 4 exclusive titles. You can simply access Photo Mode through the Options Menu or by enabling Touch Pad Quick Access. Once in Photo Mode, you can control the camera using the Left and Right Thumb Sticks to navigate the scene, and use the R2 and L2 buttons to pan up or down. To move the camera back to its original position, just press Square.

Customization Options

Photo Mode Now Available in God of War
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This is where all the fun begins in Photo Mode. Five different tabs give you all the customization options you need to make the perfect photo.Camera: Adjust Field of View, Focal Length, and Camera Roll.

  • Aperture: Adjust Depth of Field, Focus Distance, and F-Stop.
  • Borders: Add Vignette and adjust the Vignette intensity and Falloff. Includes a variety of Border styles and the official God of War logo.
  • Characters: Toggle visibility of Kratos, Atreus, and all other characters in a scene. Also change the facial expressions of both Kratos and Arteus.

Now that Photo Mode is available, you’ll finally be able to put a smile on Kratos face. Not that we recommend doing that, because we aren’t sure we want to know what he’s smiling about. For all things God of War, check out our Guide Hub and read our Review.