Players Hopeful for Heroes of the Storm Revival Following Recent Update

A recent update has gotten fans hoping for the games return to the spotlight.


Image via Blizzard

Blizzard’s MOBA title Heroes of the Storm has been sitting in maintenance limbo for over a year now, with no major updates or content coming to the game. However, following a recently released patch, players have begun to feel hopeful about the game, with many wondering if we could see a potential revival on the horizon.

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HOTS’ Biggest Update Since 2022 Comes with Balancing Changes and Small Improvements

For a bit of background, Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA title released by Blizzard back in 2015 and featured characters from across their various franchises, but in 2022, the developers announced the game would enter maintenance mode, meaning it would no longer get any major content updates and would only get occasional fixes and small balance changes. Since then, the game has had a dedicated player base who have continued to play the game.

However, fans of the game might be in for some luck after a recent patch was released for the game, and with it came a much bigger list of changes and balancing that we’ve seen since the game’s development was slowed. With the news, fans have taken to social media to expect both their excitement and hope that the game hasn’t been completely abandoned.

Many have left comments hoping this would lead to an announcement in the future about new content or anything substantive for the game. In contrast, others have made the suggestion we could see the game coming to Steam considering the company’s efforts to bring other titles like Diablo 4 and Overwatch to the storefront. Mixed in with that, others mention the upcoming Blizzcon event and the possibility of a surprise announcement. Plus, with the company now officially owned by Microsoft and its intentions to revive IPs and other titles, it does paint a positive picture for the game.

It should be said that Blizzard has made no formal announcement about the game or given any hint of anything substantive regarding the game’s status, but even so, this new patch will likely be enough for fans to know that the game is not dead yet, and give them hope for the games futures.