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Players Praise Diablo 4 Devs After Living Steel Drop Rate Increase

Living Steel just became a little easier to get thanks to a recent hotfix by Blizzard.

Diablo 4 has received multiple quality-of-life changes in the Season of Blood, and a recent hotfix is another example of Blizzard taking the feedback to heart. Living Steel, an item needed to summon an endgame boss, has now seen its drop rates increased, and players are pleased with the change.

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For all the sound changes and content that have come with Season of Blood, there have been a couple of sticking points for players, with one of the main ones being Living Steel drops. This item is required to summon Grigorie, and can only be found in Helltides in at least one chest. But Blizzard has made a big change that will impact Living Steel going forward.

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Lucky Players Are Raking in over 30 Living Steel per Helltide

It seems Blizzard has been listening to the Diablo 4 community, and in a hotfix released on November 14, they adjusted the number of Living Steel you can obtain and increased the chance of getting this item. Players have already begun to see the benefits and have expressed their gratitude toward Blizzard for this change.

After the hotfix, a chest will now drop two Living Steels, and there is an additional chance for one to two extra Living Steels to drop in World Tier 3. While over in World Tier 4, this has been increased from three to five, and there is a chance for an additional five extra Living Steel to drop, and all chests in World Tier 4 will now drop at least one.

Thanks to this chance, players have a better time getting this needed item, with many praising the change. One player stated, “This is great news, I finally got to do two Duriels in one evening of gaming.” Others are just happy that Helltides have improved a little since many have found this endgame activity somewhat lacking compared to others. One echoed a point the community has been making recently, saying “I still wish helltide(s) happened more often or permanently.” This is often mentioned when compared with Blood Harvest, a particular fan-favorite piece of content for Season of Blood.

With all that said, Diablo 4 has been on quite the upward trend recently. Season of Blood is being received well by players, thanks in part to the multiple quality-of-life changes, which from this hotfix shows that we can expect community feedback and requests to keep shaping the game. We can also expect more content coming in the season, including the Midwinter Blight festive event, and we have a new expansion to look forward to next year.

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