Real-life Mexican cartels are using GTA V to recruit new members

An investigation links one recruit with the popular video game.

Grand Theft Auto V

Image via Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto V has always been a game that reflected real-life, despite the absurdity of its plot and characters. In the game, you play as a trio of criminals who get involved with all forms of illegal activities like trading drugs and weapons. In several ways, GTA V is a biting commentary on America and crime in general.

It appears that at least one person took the whole being a criminal thing to a whole other level. Forbes was able to get its hands on a case that supports the idea that the Mexican Cartel is using GTA to recruit new members. Last year, Customs and Border detained Alyssa Navarro for driving a Jeep Cherokee that had nearly 60kg of methamphetamine. Customs and Border caught her in Arizona.

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The investigation reports that Navarro met a man named “George” while playing Grand Theft Auto Online. The two eventually started talking over Snapchat, where George offered her “a lot of money” to drive the Jeep to one of his contacts in Mexico. Navarro claims she thought the job was “strange” but went along with it anyways.

Navarro has been charged with conspiracy to import and sell methamphetamine, as well as possession, all of which she pleaded not guilty. Her case may not be unique to her, as Forbes also reports that there are cases where it seems that other narcotics crews have been recruiting kids through GTA. Either way, this is a strange case of life imitating art that is trying to imitate life.