Sea of Thieves drops anchor for a bit, delays The Rogue’s Legacy Adventure

Rare wants to “ensure a stable experience for all.”

Screenshot via Sea of Thieves YouTube

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In many ways, Adventures have become the lifeblood of Sea of Thieves. Since starting in early 2022, these limited-time story events both give players an incentive to stick with the game and give the team at Rare a chance to expand the game’s lore. This time, however, that new narrative is being held back.

A few days ago, we were shown the cinematic trailer for Sea of Thieves’ next Adventure, dubbed The Rogue’s Legacy. Focusing on Tasha, the Adventure will see players try to help the fan-favorite tavernkeep after a strange “skeletal malady” starts overtaking her body. It sounds intriguing, but it has to wait: Rare has delayed the release of The Rogue’s Legacy.

We don’t have an exact reason why the Adventure is being held back, but it seems Rare is dealing with some technical problems behind the scenes. “We’re holding back the launch of latest Adventure ‘The Rogue’s Legacy’ while tests are ongoing to ensure a stable experience for all,” reads the message on the Sea of Thieves Twitter account. “We’ll share further updates tomorrow.” The Adventure was meant to debut on December 8, when the tweet was sent out instead. At least more info is coming on December 9.

There have been some technical snafus in Sea of Thieves’ past, so it’s understandable that Rare would want to make sure The Rogue’s Legacy goes off without a hitch. A Hunter’s Cry was updated to quell some PvP griefing that was getting in the way of everyone finishing the mission, but things have gone pretty smoothly since then. Rare wants to keep that streak going.

In the meantime, there’s still plenty of trouble for players to get into in Sea of Thieves. There are some great Plunder Pass rewards available as part of Season 8, and you can also buy pets. If you’ve been wanting to bring a puppy, parrot, or other animals on board, now’s your chance.