Sea of Thieves players notice mysterious construction at New Golden Sands Outpost after update

Rare is up to something…

Image via Rare

Sea of Thieves is constantly getting new content — that’s what makes it one of the best pirate games out there these days. Developer Rare is always building something, but it doesn’t always show its players a work-in-progress. That’s exactly what’s happening at New Golden Sands Outpost, though.

After the game’s latest update, the base of a structure appeared at the outpost. The team drew attention to this change on Twitter, sharing a screenshot with a tools emoji. The community picked up on it of course, and the small change has sparked a big discussion in the replies and on the Sea of Thieves subreddit. A few fans want to see full-on port towns added to the game, though this would seem to be too slow of a way to introduce something of that scale. Some theories claim this is the base of a tower, though what purpose such a structure would serve is unclear. Others think the outposts are being fortified in a lead-up to another faction war.

The latter would fall in line with Rare’s stated goal of focusing Season 8 around PvP: a war is pretty much the perfect path to take. After the game’s Arena mode shut down, some of the more competitive players in Sea of Thieves have been seeking other ways to get their PvP fix. Such a desire even necessitated an update to the Hunter’s Cry Adventure after griefing became a hindrance for players who preferred PvE.

On that note, this small map change could also tie into the next Adventure, titled Return of the Damned. Presently, players can play through the current Adventure, titled The Herald of the Flame, until October 27. This and the next Adventure seem to be building toward the return of Flameheart, further evidenced by the fact that players have found the captain’s coffin at the Reaper’s Hideout. Apparently, the outpost wasn’t the only asset that got an update.